The award aims to select the best architectural works in which ceramic materials of the company have been used, enhancing properties and expressive techniques.

Created in 1990 to reward those works that make the most of the technical properties and expressive potentials of Casalgrande Padana ceramic solutions, edition after edition the Grand Prix international architecture award saw the use of stoneware grow exponentially in works of remarkable architectural value, while at the same time spreading to many different scopes and uses in terms of applications and the way designers and architects view its potential. This development of the material and its many uses went together with a similar development of the award, which over the years has enhanced its international appeal and took an increasingly key role in institutional and visibility terms, standing as one of the most remarkable cultural initiatives on the ceramic for architectural application business.

This year’s edition, whose overall jackpot amounts to € 37,200, is open to all designers presenting one or more of their work, made in the 2012-2015 period, provided the projects included Casalgrande Padana material. The deadline to sign up to the Grand Prix ends on 31 December 2015. The award is open to projects involving floors and wall cladding used for indoor and outdoor public and private projects, civil architecture, malls and office centres, collective housing and private residences, industrial and specialised facilities, public spaces as well as new buildings and refurbishing and renovation projects. An international jury comprising of known designers and contemporary design and architecture scholars will evaluate the projects. Every participant will receive a Creative Book, a magazine produced by Casalgrande Padana with such a prestigious international publication as Casabella. The magazine will feature the winners as well as a selection of the most significant projects, in an overview organised by project typology, namely into four sections: malls and office centres; public and service buildings, industrial facilities; housing; façade cladding, outdoor flooring and swimming pools.

The candidates may register online on, or request the official call with the participation rules by calling 800210311 or writing to