"El Mercat" has a surface area of 3,200 mq, and with an investment of 8 million euros, it is the culmination of the first stage of the comprehensive remodelling works in the Glòries shopping centre. L35 Arquitectos has been in charge of the project and work management in this unique building working alongside Saguez & Partners and Colli Fulcarà Arquitectes on the design. The architect in charge of the project, Carmen Tribó, says “We chose American red oak for the ceiling because it gives warmth to a space that is full of marble, glass and ceramic details, and it also absorbs the noise”.

A very wide, suspended ceiling was designed, to enable the passage of air for global heating, air conditioning and ventilation in El Mercat - a wooden slat ceiling was the perfect answer to this requirement. Sturdy slats were chosen, measuring 30x120 mm, with a 90 mm gap that leaves room for the lines of lights, which are placed alternately between the slats.

20 local food shops and restaurants are situated in El Mercat, offering fresh produce and traditional food from gourmet shops to specialised takeaway food shops. With space for 750 people, there is a large variety of restaurants and places to taste different cuisines. ‘El Mercat de Glòries’, which expects 2 million visitors a year, also has ‘La Cuina’, which is an area where gastronomic workshops are organised, as well as tasting sessions, master classes and live music.