New video from the construction site of Expo Milano 2015 showing us the work in progress and offering an exciting overview of the area of ​​about one million square meters that in 2015 will host the Universal Exposition.

This in an extract from original video page:

A clear day greets the first flight of 2015. It starts with a view of the Lake Arena : in addition to the future circular pond, you can already see the "nozzles" from which the water jets will flow, while on the sides we see the bleachers and the large paved area, already prepared for the trees. The drone then frames Palazzo Italia, that can be said to be completed from the structural point of view: we see the activity that has been achieved in these days including the glass roof covering the terrace and the concrete biodynamic covering on the south side. The flight then points toward the area dedicated to the Corporate Pavilions: first is the Pavilion by New Holland with the sloping roof, then the Vanke Pavilion, characterized by its red sinuous form. Behind these, emerge the three Corporate Pavilions built in recent weeks. The Coca-Cola Pavilion, designed by the architect Giampiero Peia is inspired by sustainability and reuse and in fact will be donated to the community as a sports facility in Milan. The Pavilion Alitalia Etihad is one of the first examples of integrated communication of the new company. The China Pavilion Corporate United , finally, brings together a group of Chinese companies and is recognizable by its cylindrical shape.

We then see the  images of the two pavilions in very advanced stages: Switzerland , where in addition to the exhibition pavilion, stands the four silos; Germany, which has completed the footbridge that will take visitors inside the pavilion. A unique shape is that of the Pavilion Kuwait , designed by Italo Rota, which juts out into the Decumano with a black tent. At its side is the modular white structure of the USA Pavilion. The drone then passes the Decumano and flies over the Chile Pavilion, that features wooden crossed beams, the Austrian Pavilion, recognizable by the tall trees on a raised platform, and the Slovenia Pavilion, of which there are four white conical modules. Before moving on, the cameras offer an look back at all the pavilions just flown over: USA, Kuwait, Germany and Switzerland, together with pavilions Corporate Houses of  New Holland, Vanke, Coca Cola, Alitalia and Etihad China Corporate United.

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