In 2018, GRAFT participated in the public tendering for the design of the German Pavilion of the EXPO 2020 in Dubai and made it into the shortlist of finalists. The design focuses on sustainability, one of the three subthemes of the EXPO 2020 “Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility”. The pavilion creates a symbiosis of German flagships, such as efficiency, technology, science and natural environment, and displays them in a coherent overall concept. The winner of the competition for the design of the pavilion will officially be introduced on September 5th.

In GRAFT's design, the space, which is orthogonally structured by means of scaffolding, represents a container of knowledge, with six integrated exhibition platforms that function as a decentralized, non-hierarchical structure and deal with various subject areas.
All components and materials of the pavilion are easy to dismantle because of their construction and combination principles. A separation into individual-material groups allows for optimal recycling. With more design-oriented interventions the structure can be composed into a completely different configuration to fulfil the changing requirements of a new exhibition space.