Politics derives from politikos, which is the adjective from polis, and means everything about the city and its citizens. Following this path, the life senator Renzo Piano, who is an architect, decided to address the topic of suburbs which represent the city of the future or, if you prefer, the future of the city. He is doing this through the G124 work group which takes its name from the Senator's office number at Palazzo Giustiniani, transformed into a workshop for designing the redevelopment of the suburbs in Italian cities. It is the most populated but also the most fragile part of the urban fabric and, more importantly, the one that we will bequeath to our children. In other words, the city of the future. Those working in the G124 group are six young architects on an annual contract (three women and three men) who are paid with Renzo Piano's parliamentary salary which has been totally devoted to this project.  Every year the six architects will be replaced by another six, selected through a special public notice. In addition to the senator himself, there are a number of tutors to coordinate the work: architects, engineers, sociologists and psychologists chosen personally by Renzo Piano who, voluntarily and without receiving any salary, provide support in following the projects developed by the six young people.  Their training is a project in itself. The G124 group works on different themes relating to the suburbs: energy improvements, the consolidation and restoration of public buildings, social meeting facilities, the function of parks and gardens, public transport and processes aimed at getting residents involved in the redevelopment of the neighbourhoods where they live. So that every citizen can contribute towards making the future polis more beautiful.

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