This building in Rome, near the Tiburtina HS Railway Station, will be made with mirrored images and semi-transparencies to create a balanced dialogue with the surrounding cityscape.
Roma Headquarter Tiburtina. Project for Bnp Paribas presented during Biennale 2014 on Italian pavilion  ©5+1AA

The “Headquarter Tiburtina” project by Studio 5+1AA housing the offices of the BNL-BNP Paribas Group near the Tiburtina HS station in Rome, will see the light of day in 2016, featuring a play of reflections and transparencies that will integrate the structure perfectly into its context without taking anything away from the identity of modern advancement. Next spring, the skeleton will be complete and by the autumn the building will be covered with a shimmering, opaque and transparent skin, in a play of light with the sky. The design firm, consisting of Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo and Simonetta Cenci, devised a project for a highly complex and dynamic building, which will house the offices of the banking giant, an auditorium and a restaurant. A structure measuring 230 metres in length and 56 in height, will be built on a construction site of 7,300 square metres, and will be capable of communicating with the adjacent, “horizontal” station complex. The façade will be built in glass and ceramics and will have a silvery aspect, giving a feeling of motion to those who see the building from the train, while the impact with the city surroundings will be static, although the seasons and different times of day will ensure that the building always has a different look. The Headquarter Tiburtina, already underway with a budget of about € 83 million, will have 75,000 square metres of floorspace and class A certification.

Its refined appearance will be provided by sunlight” said the architects, “and it will create an atmosphere of mirrored images and semi-transparencies with the surroundings.” The project recalls the imaginative world of important works by contemporary film-makers and artists who have focussed on themes regarding perception and the reflection of reality.