Red stone house, main facade (Photo: Alessandro Lazzari - 3ndy Studio architecture&design)

The environment is typical of the Venetian countryside near the countries, where the “urban sprawl” has taken hold and where is very difficult identify areas for the exercise of direct and agricultural activities connected with agriculture. For the most part the urbanized lots have developed from the 60s, and they are typical examples of public housing speculation of those years that have contributed to the distortion of the territory in which they have settled. Our suggestion is creating an absolutely modern mansion and in the meanwhile perfectly integrating it with the surrounding landscape, by using materials and shapes tunefully, and has been approved successfully by the customer.

This house wants to frame the countryside and to make it key player: two visual cones focus towards south-east by four radial walls. The two mean volumes are linked to a third, which is smaller and emptied in order to have a green inner patio. This internal garden becomes the heart of the building.

The living area and the owner’s room open up to the garden and to the swimming pool. However, each of the other rooms has a very good panorama or opens onto the inner garden. This residence is set on a flat floor, and it is both introspective and panoramic, this double feature makes people who live in feel like in a jewel box and it is the particularity of the project.

The main feature of the entire project is the use of "Stone Wood" a quartzite from India, so named for the horizontal streaks and red-burnished that recalls the color and texture of natural wood. This material covers all of the exterior walls and conveys the house the appearance of mysterious and zen.
The house falls in energy class A and uses more than 50% of energy consumption renewable energy sources. The flat roof of the house has been designed in order to minimize the impact on the territory, and at the same time accommodate photovoltaic panels and solar.


Project3ndy Studio architecture&design
Location: Campolongo Maggiore - Venice (Italy)
Construction period: 2011-2012
Manufactures: Impresa Pampagnin Carlo, BMN, Impianti elettrici di Berto Mirko, T&D termoidraulica Snc di Terrin Renato e Discardi Villy, Serramenti Busato Riccardo srl.
Photo: Alessandro Lazzari - 3ndy Studio architecture&design