The cubic projecting volumes located on the facade overlooking the courtyard on the south, also present a frame entirely made of wood. This have been designed to be completely assembled off site, transported on site and connected at height. The connection are wood-to-wood type with LVL panels connected to the perimeter wooden frame and jointed at the ends of the projecting volumes via eight rows of wooden screws. Because there are no diagonal structural elements, which would have limited the possibility to allow for window openings along the two sides, a reinforcement system has been developed with a LVL panels diaphragm which is capable, thanks to the axial resistance at level, to resist against the strong loads generated by the cantilever.

As per all the enclosures of the complex, a rock wool external coat entirely wraps the projections ensuring the continuity with the external insulation of the main facade. The volumes have also been covered at the outside with highly perspiring waterproofing sheathing to ensure the protection of the wooden elements against humidity. The finishes made of untreated larch wood strips ultimately ensure the continuity of the cladding which is connected to a thin substructure made of a interwoven lattice of larch wood strips.