(FOTO©Juergen Eheim)

The union of two small apartments with very different characteristics through a difficult demolition work (plasters, floors, false ceilings, part of a floor and some portions of the partition walls), A courageous structural engineering plan has allowed Simone Micheli to create a unique, bright space, and has exceeded the limits of the building's solid walls and the recent anti-seismic regulations. The result is a bright outdoor environment connecting all the rooms in a spacious open space.

Now the house is on three levels: the overall height was used in order to create a sort of joke making intermediate floors: solids and voids, bedrooms e living room. Living room, dining room and kitchen are part of the same area: the idea is to mix these spaces to share actions and functions.
This main round floor is directly connected with a bath and also with the guest room: both of these rooms are characterized by white doors with silver chrome handle.
Furniture and furnishings are all designed by Simone Micheli: the project is really consistent, balanced and originally essencial.

The sofas seem to float over the bleached parquet: they are positioned all around the rounded corner tv cabinet; the dining table is made from a scented cedar trunk; the chairs around the table are upholstered with cavallino leather and skai.

The kitchen consists of two blocks (stove and fridge cabinet), is all white with a top in solid surface, directly open to the dining area and easy to screen with two roller blinds.

The side of the room's doors overlooking the living area are mirrored and equipped with a magnetic closure system: Simone and Roberta's bedroom is equipped with a white lacquered full height cabinets and with an island bed equipped with an upholstered headboard; the room is in direct connection to the bathroom area through a sliding glass door. The bathroom has a large bath / shower in solid surface characterized on the short side with a large stainless steel showerhead. The toilets with rounded edges are ceramic and the chrome faucet collection is lined up on the white lime finished stone wall.

The second floor realized on a wooden loft is illuminated by a large automated opening skylight, it hosts a smalll video room, a fitness area with bike and runner, a bookshelves set on an asymmetric stainless steel structure and two deep storage areas screened by roller blinds.

The third floor is the terrace which was designed as an outdoor livingroom.


Technology focus

A lacquered wood door gives access to the pulsating heart of the house: the technical room where are placed the boiler, the HVAC machine and the boiler's water storage.
The switches have a touch control with led light signals on glass white plate: through the switches are controlled the led spotlights in the ceiling and the linear white led light inserted into the plasterboard false ceilings.
Heating and cooling are integrated into a lighting system with the latest generation of domotic system.
The music is distributed throughout the house (including the terrace) through an attentive positioning of speakers and subwoofer.