The precursor of a socio-economic trend that began to spread through Italy only a few years ago, the event is now an authoritative point of reference for architects, designers, building contractors and end users wishing to build energy efficient and sustainable housing. The fair's ability to renew itself and present the best of Italian construction and international energy efficiency standards is recognised by companies in the sector, who continue to count on this international trade fair to help overcome the economic crisis.

Embracing the future with a new attitude, with an eye towards what will take place over the next few years” this is how Gernot Rössler, President of Fiera Bolzano, summarises the trade fair organisation's philosophy towards Klimahouse.

The event's wining formula is a calibrated mix of exhibition space, dedicated to new products offered by a selection of companies operating in the sector chosen by jury, and articulated programs of training events and information organised by top-level partners. There are specialised conventions organised in collaboration with authoritative partners such as Tis Innovation Park, Eurac, Anit, Apa and Anab, photography exhibitions on the most efficient CasaClima buildings, live demonstrations of building errors to be avoided, guided tours of CasaClima buildings for technicians and end users and prizes for the most innovative businesses in the sector in terms of sustainability, such as the “Klimahouse Trend“.

The highlight of every edition of Klimahouse is the International Congress, organised in collaboration with Agenzia CasaClima, together with whom Fiera Bolzano has built a continuously evolving relationship. The various editions of the Klimahouse Congress have seen the involvement of world famous speakers such as architect Matteo Thun, mountaineer Reinhold Messner and Climatologist and President of the Italian Meteorological Society Luca Mercalli. There have also been many keynote speakers from the world of academia such as professor Manfred Hegger, winner of two editions of the Solar Decathlon in Washington DC, architect Podrecca, winner of many international awards, professor and architect Klaus Kada and visionary architect Thomas Rau.

The growing number of businesses operating in the sector applying to take part in Klimahouse, which sells out every year, led Fiera Bolzano to develop an innovative approach to trade fair organisation. “Coherency and sustainability are our keywords“, says Reinhold Marsoner, Manager of Fiera Bolzano. “We didn't believe it would be sustainable to extend the Fiera Bolzano exhibition space, so we decided to organise travelling editions of Klimahouse specifically targeted to the markets in central and southern Italy”. This is how Klimahouse Roma was born in 2008, an exhibition-convention organised in the Eur exhibition centre, which in 2009 moved to Bastia Umbria from where it successfully reached the Central Italian market from 2009 to 2013. In its second edition this year, Klimahouse Toscana will be housed at the Leopolda in Florence. The positive response in terms of public and exhibitor turnout for the travelling editions of Klimahouse led in 2012 to the creation of another travelling trade fair dedicated to the market in Southern Italy: Klimahouse Puglia. Thanks to Klimahouse and its travelling editions, alongside Klimaenergy and Klimamobility, trade fairs dedicated to renewable energies and sustainable mobility respectively, and Klimainfisso, a trade fair specialised in the window fixture manufacture, Fiera Bolzano is now recognised as the Key Italian trade fair for sustainability.