With two excellent partners such as British Airways and Jaguar Land Rover, the UK Pavilion is inspired by scientific research and cutting-edge technology discovered by the physicist and expert Martin Bencsik hives. The structure was designed by the artist Wolfgang Buttress of Nottingham. To realize the work he has collaborated with Tristan Simmonds, engineer structured, and the architectural firm BDP, which is based in the city of Manchester. The design of the Pavilion "Grown in Britain & Northern Ireland" was inspired by the fundamental role that pollination takes place in the food chain: the visitors can enjoy a unique experience in the role and with the prospect of a real honey bee inside a beehive. The Pavilion, in fact, is a real beehive, made possible thanks to the research of Dr. Bencsik, which for years has monitored the behavior of these insects, by monitoring the health of their homes, hives precisely. The comparison, behind the project, is based on the idea that the UK is a hive in continuous ferment, able to engage in finding and gradually spread globally useful solutions to solve the main problems of our world.

The Pavilion wants to convey, thus, the ability of this country to unite creativity, entrepreneurship and scientific research to solve global challenges like the one that underlies all the Universal Exhibition, the nutrition of the world population. The visitor can closely monitor the bee dance, through different landscapes, beginning with an orchard, then moved into a meadow of wild flowers until you get to a huge come true aluminum. The exciting journey inside the structure, made more intense by a series of audio-visual effects that reproduce the real movements of entire bee hive of a true British, was built by the creative Squint Opera, which used an innovative technology of animation and graphics.