video – Intervista a Rob Watson sul movimento per l'architettura "green" e l'importanza di LEED.

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Robert Watson è un leader globale all'interno della bioedilizia, avendo fondato il LEED Green Building Rating del U.S. Green Building Council, di cui è direttore. Watson è anche Executive Editor di Dal 1985 al 2006 Rob è stato Senior Scientist con il Natural Resources Defense Council, dove ha diretto il programma Green Building and International Energy. Watson ha lanciato la EcoTech International Group nel 2007 che fornisce soluzioni integrate per edifici "verdi" in Cina, India e Stati Uniti.

Biography of Rob Watson

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What is design integration?

The most important factor for a successful solar building is "integration" This concept includes not only the integration of design professionals at the project's start, but also the integration of those who are responsible for the systems operation. This potential for synergy is usually overlooked because architects and engineers traditionally do not explore the concepts together closely enough to truly integrate systems, and they infrequently discuss new concepts with property managers, except when auditing a building failure. The architect may design the building envelope to passive solar design principles while the engineer designs HVAC to extreme design conditions, ignoring the benefits of solar gains and natural cooling. The result is an oversized system that does not use the building enclosure as part of an integrated energy system in which the components fit together well. Collaboration between architects and engineers is increasing, but the traditional working relationships between architects, engineers, property managers and other professionals do not foster an integrated design approach.
A preferable approach is to consider the building and its HVAC system as one energy system and to design them together, taking into account possible synergies such as electricity generation, thermal storage and control strategies. Passive solar heating systems (thermal) are  separated into two broad categories, direct gain and indirect gain (see Figure 3). An indirect passive system insulated from the heated space is an isolated system.
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(tratto da "Solar Energy for Buildings" Keith Robertson and Andreas Athienitis - Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)

Dizionario tecnico

 HVAC acr. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, impianto di riscaldamento, ventilazione e condizionamento dell'aria
 Solar gain  guadagno solare
 Natural cooling  raffrescamento naturale
 System  generic. Impiantistica

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Passive Solar - The use of natural heat transfer processes to collect, distribute, and store useable heat without the help of mechanical devices (pumps or fans). Passive solar systems have few moving parts. Trombe Walls and the use of the thermal mass of building structure to store energy are examples of passive solar systems.

(tratto da "GreenTowers for New York, The skyscraper museum")

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Parole inglesi assonanti a parole italiane ma con diverso significato

Se dici:  commodity
Stai dicendo:  servizi, utenze
Se vuoi dire:  comodità
Devi usare:  comfort
Se dici:  palace
Stai dicendo:  palazzo, reggia
Se vuoi dire:  palazzo, edificio
Devi usare:  building


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