video – Quali sono le opzioni per ridurre il consumo di energia nell'ufficio e passare a una illuminazione più efficiente è il tema di questo filmato prodotto da Philips dal titolo "Energy efficient lighting in your office".

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Il 40% dell'energia consumata in un edificio per uffici è usato per l'illuminazione. Un illuminazione efficiente dal punto di vista energetico è la combinazione di 6 fattori: la sorgente luminosa o la lampada, il passaggio a reattori elettronici, il controllo dell'illuminazione, le ottiche degli apparecchi, il design degli apparecchi, l'uso e la manutenzione. Il primo passo da fare è una verifica per capire le necessità e i potenziali di risparmio calcolando il fabbisogno di W/mq, dopodichè si aprono tre opzioni: rinnovo totale combinando i sei precedenti fattori, sostituzione di singoli apparecchi, sostituzione di componenti. Il filmato, è stato postato su YouTube dall'associazione inglese Lighting Electricians che offre consigli sul risparmio energetico con l'illuminazione e sull'ottenimento di fondi, non solo per le residenze ma anche uffici, scuole e ospedali.

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How to Green your Lighting
How we light up the places we live and work makes a big impact on how we feel. It also makes a big impact on the environment. The kind of bulbs, the kind of fixtures, the kind of power, and the habits we keep can all add up to a very significant greening. Start with the fact that a conventional incandescent bulb turns only around five to ten percent of its consumed energy into light, the rest goes out as heat. From there, there's no limit to how green your lighting can be.

Top Green Lighting Tips

CFL: The better bulb
Compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) are those swirley little guys that look like soft-serve ice cream cones. Actually, they come in a myriad of different shapes, sizes, and colors of light. Economically speaking, they're a great deal, too. CFLs cost a bit more than an incandescent, but use about a quarter as much energy and last many times longer (usually around 10,000 hours). It is estimated that a CFL pays for its higher price after about 500 hours of use.

Get the LEDs out LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are a technology that allows for extremely energy efficient and extremely long-lasting light bulbs. LEDs are just starting to hit the consumer market in a big (read affordable) way and still cost quite a bit more than even CFLs, but use even less energy and last even longer. An LED light bulb can reduce energy consumption by 80-90% and last around 100,000 hours. They even light up faster than regular bulbs (which could save your life it there are LEDs in the brake lights of your car). 
Most LED lamps on the market have the bulbs built into them, so you buy the whole unit.

Materials Light isn't all about the bulbs, though. Having eco-friendly lamps and light fixtures is key to greening your lighting. When scouting for new gear, keep your eyes out for lamps made with natural, recycled, or reused materials. Lights made from recycled materials include metal, glass, or plastic, and natural materials can include felt, cloth or wood.

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Case history
Solais Lighting Selected for Final LED Test at Smithsonian American Art Museum

SStamford, Connecticut - May 2011 - Solais Lighting, Inc., a leading manufacturer of lightweight, specification-grade LED lamps featuring actively-cooled Luxiance® thermal management technology, proudly announces that it has been selected from a wide pool of LED manufacturers for a final LED test installation at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. (...) Solais Lighting's PAR30 LED lamps are currently being evaluated by the Smithsonian American Art Museum for their performance in a permanent collection gallery which displays more than a dozen early modernist artworks and a mural by Thomas Hart Benton. Within the room, which features 15-16 foot ceilings, the museum aims to upgrade to a high quality, long-lasting, and more energy-efficient light source than the technology previously installed and...

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The European Greenlight Programme
An initiative promoted by the European Commission

IALD International Association of Lighting Designers

Flip magazine - To learn how a Lighting designer can turn your vision into reality

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"A Luminous history - Contemporary architectural lighting projects that have made an impact on lighting design."
tratto da Architectural Lighting Magazine, December 1, 2011

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Green Lighting
Brian Clark Howard, William Brinsky, Seth Leitman
McGraw-Hill 2010

Flip the switch to energy-efficient lighting.
This do-it-yourself guide makes it easy to upgrade residential and commercial lighting to reduce costs and environmental impact while maintaining or even improving the quality of the lighting. Filled with step-by-step instructions, Green Lighting shows you how to save money and energy with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), compact fluorescent lighting (CFL), solar lights, windows, skylights, fixtures, controls, and other bright ideas. Free download

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Light - Light is subdivided by different wavelengths into colors. Light with the shortest wavelength, close to ultra violet, we call violet. Then, in increasing wavelengths, come blue green, yellow, orange, and ending at with red. Light is changed by addition such that white light results from the proper mixture of red, green, and blue.

Dizionario tecnico

kind of power     
tipo di alimentazione
attrezzature, congegni
fascio luminoso
long lasting   
lunga durata
light source
sorgente luminosa
mettere in luce
ballast reattore
apparecchio che ospita la sorgente luminosa

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Parole inglesi assonanti a parole italiane ma con diverso significato

 Se dici: chandelier
 Stai dicendo: lampadario
 Se vuoi dire: candelabro
 Devi usare:
 Se dici:
 Stai dicendo: piantare
 Se vuoi dire:
 Devi usare: installation, system

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