InArchMise and ICE, together with IN/ARCH, ANCE, CNAPPC, Confindustria Ceramica, FederlegnoArredo, OICE and Archilovers have launched a project to research and catalogue the Italian design and architecture practices that are also active abroad. Particular emphasis will be given to less well-known firms which have found a way to invest and become successful in the world market of design services. Within the project document, there will also be an account of the international experiences of Italian architects and engineers working together with the Italian construction industry.
The Italian approach to architectural design is the result of a deep-seated culture that comes from way back, which expresses our ability to measure ourselves with the context, but which is also ready to capture change and innovation. Promoting Italian architecture in the world means promoting an industrial system consisting of materials, technologies and design and ultimately facilitating the export of products from the Italian construction industry.

IN/ARCH has invited all Italian design firms who have been involved in designing works abroad or are currently doing so, to propose the candidacy of their work on the following web platform. A jury will assess which examples are the most representative of the values described and display them in a catalogue entitled “Architecture: energy of made in Italy” and also in a travelling exhibition in various countries in the world.