The company’s partnership with Toto Ltd of Japan, a pioneer in photocatalysis technology, has given rise to Bios Self Cleaning®, a new range of ceramic surfaces that clean themselves, eliminate bacteria and reduce pollutants with Hydrotect® technology. In the presence of sunlight a reaction is triggered which eliminates pollutants from the air and breaks down
the dirt deposited on the surface of the tiles so that it can be washed off by rainwater, thanks to a super-hydrophilic ceramic surface.
The Bios Ceramics® line also includes Bios Antibacterial® floor and wall coverings, a powerful weapon against bacteria capable of eliminating 99.9% of the 4 main strains of bacteria present in the environment. Addition of a treatment containing noble metals gives these tiles the ability to eliminate bacteria and foul odours even in the complete absence of light. The treatment may be applied to all tiles in the Casalgrande Padana catalogue on request.