A new range of decorative porcelain pieces from Casalgrande Padana, Brickworks includes three different collections (Nuances, Muretto and Petra) which can be combined with any concrete, marble, metal, wood or stone effect ceramic slab. The tile measures 8.2x25 cm and is available with a natural, satin or glossy finish. Brickworks is a modern, versatile line for covering walls with lively decorations that bring spaces to life with a touch of contemporary elegance; its potential for application in outdoor spaces is particularly interesting, creating new kinds of spaces featuring perfect safety and advanced performance in terms of resistance and durability.

Floor: Metropolis Grey - Coating: Nuances Cameo Satin

The versatility and outstanding technical performance of Casalgrande Padana porcelain make Brickworks the perfect choice for all applications, from residential projects to commercial and public buildings, for covering walls in shops, restaurants, malls, hotels and wellness areas, both indoors and outdoors.

Casalgrande Padana ceramic slabs are long-lasting, unalterable, non-absorbent, inert and fireproof, resistant to bending, wear, and frost, and will not suffer from temperature excursions at any latitude. They are non-deformable, guaranteed colourfast in sunlight, unalterable, and easy to clean and install. Made using only natural raw materials, they contain no plastics or harmful substances and are ecologically compatible and entirely recyclable.


Variations in hue and vibrant light effects liven up the new Nuances collection, a range of decorative porcelain tiles of minimalist contemporary design. The contemporary colour palette includes eight different colours (from saturated shades of green and blue to neutral black and white), available in two surface finishes, with completely different degree of reflectiveness: null in the satin version, shiny in the glossy version.

Nuances Petunia Nera, Sherpa, Mercurio, Cameo, Tundora, Persia, Aliseo, Neve Satine e Lucida

They offer perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, with a simple colour palette of solid colours to add life to spaces of all kinds, beautifying and decorating the anonymous walls of public and commercial spaces or adding an intimate personal touch to the home.
The colourful decorative pieces of Nuances may be laid horizontally, vertically, diagonally, in a herringbone pattern or in various combinations, making them perfect for decorating a fireplace, a niche in a wall or the backdrop of a bookshelf. They can be creatively used to cover the walls of bathrooms and kitchens, the outdoor walls of a patio or veranda, and are the ideal choice for a focal point on an outside wall of the pool area.


Floor: Nature Lava Grip - Coating: Muretto Lava

Composed of six different colours (Bianco, Calce, Grigio, Lava, Nero and Mattone) with a natural surface finish and subtle graphics enlivened by delicate variations in hue, the new collection of Muretto porcelain decorative pieces offers a versatile, creative tool for interior design, for use in indoor and outdoor wall coverings. The line is perfect for a variety of creative laying schemes: from horizontal laying with staggered grouting recalling the typical pattern of brick to geometric patterns with continuous grouting and vertical laying. Ideal for transforming spaces with a touch of bold, sober urban style, Muretto is extremely resistant and also perfect for covering outdoor walls, offering the best solution for all requirements and for all kinds of walls.


Floor: Petra Sabbia - Coating: Petra Sabbia decoro effetto muretto

With a modern design featuring irregular veining and delicate hues of earthy and sandy colours, the stone-effect decorative porcelain tiles in the new Petra collection combine the natural beauty of quartzite with the strength and versatility of porcelain. Evoking the skilled building techniques of days gone by, the stone-effect porcelain surface recreates the colours and structures of stone to bring new unity and class to residential constructions, creating pleasing scenes for a surprising, harmonious total look establishing stylistic continuity between indoors and outdoors. Stone-effect decorative pieces add character and personality to spaces of all kinds and are perfect for decorating the façades and outer walls of arcades, terraces, balconies and patios, or for covering small garden areas.

Brickworks per le facciate

The advanced technical performance of porcelain makes the three decorative lines of porcelain in the Brickworks range the perfect choice for outdoor cladding on any kind of architectural construction, from public buildings to industrial complexes and residential constructions. Porcelain façade cladding offers important advantages for buildings in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, eliminating the thermal bridges responsible for heat dispersion and saving a considerable amount of energy. Façade cladding also eliminates surface condensation and localised mould formation, improving the building’s appearance and preserving its aesthetic and technical qualities.
Thus the outer walls are improved with a refined effect of volume and elegant geometric patterns, set off by the sun’s rays during the day and by shadows at night, creating a unique, prestigious wall covering that is modern, simple, refined and capable of evoking the emotions of days gone by.
And so any construction, whether in a tiny village or a major metropolis, can contribute to improvement of urban aesthetics and increased energy savings. And Bios Self Cleaning technology offers considerable benefits for cutting maintenance times and costs while concretely improving air quality. Super-hydrophilic Bios Self Cleaning ceramic surfaces cut airborne pollutants and break down the dirt that is deposited on the surface of tiles so it can be removed by rainwater.