burnazzi feltrin architetti villa unifamiliare bl

The BL single family house is located in the northern part of the municipality of Pergine. From the area one can enjoy a beautiful view of the castle and the parish church of Pergine, of the Brenta chain and other low mountains, the amount of sun is ideal all year round, allowed, as it is, by the mountain silhouette and the surrounding buildings. The project, designed by Burnazzi Feltrin Architects with the collaboration of Paolo Pegoretti, involves the building renovation and expansion of a building of the 60s to meet the needs of the new owners. The volume consists of a main building with three floors. The uniqueness of the site and the existing buildings have suggested making the constructable volume very compact, low and articulated. It was desired to visually reduce the size and impact of the main front, using loggias instead of balconies and transforming the second floor, destined to be covered by a pitched roof, into an open space with a veranda.

The facades, the outdoor curtains, the low emission wooden windows have only one colour, the white, this colour is not used for any of the neighbouring buildings. The sums of the different color of the neighbouring buildings is displayed exactly by the white colour which has the characteristic of containing all the colour of the electromagnetic spectrum. The property has a basement with storage and technical room, ground floor with garage, entrance hall with closets, storage, and the first floor is designed to accommodate the family. The vertical connecting element, the stairway, located in a barycentric position, allows to fully maximize the surface intended to housing.

Photo by Carlo Baroni
Photo by Carlo Baroni

The goal of having an energy-saving building is also achieved through the rationalization of the internal distribution, providing the volume with large openings in the south-east side, so as to benefit the most from the winter sun, while protecting, at the same time, from the summer overheating thanks to the loggias.

Technology focus
The high efficient building envelope involves the need to have air conditioning both in winter and in summer even in rooms that normally requires only a heating-system. The choice of the system was made taking into account both the needs of having a HVAC system, heating and cooling, and producing domestic hot water. The system is made of a reversible air-water heat pump with a hot water storage equipped with a DHW Heat Exchanger and provided with a direct drain back solar hot water system. A direct drain back solar hot water system with sensible and latent rotary heat exchanger a was chosen to ensure high indoor air quality. The air diffuser system is distinguished by high induction linear slot diffuser located near the windows and glass sliding doors.