We were inspired by the iridescent Stibnite formations, which create both structural and spontaneous spatial formations. The accumulation of solid crystals is a great example of different but complementary forms, generated with the same parameters, but responding in a very local and specific way. The beauty of these natural crystals fascinated us and became the inspiration for the development of the towers. An important and often underestimated aspect in the design of a tower is the use of the ground floor. We believe this part of the building should be an active part of the city. We therefore unfold the tower over the ground floor, so that a larger spontaneous use is possible. These transparent zones are guided upwards along the tower, connecting new public lobbies on higher floors, which are accessible to everyone.

The elegant, transparent design and iconic triangular façade structure are light and technologically efficient, while organic elements are permanently integrated, such as natural ventilation, green roofs and sky lobbies with multi-story winter gardens forming "green lungs". The slender shape of the building and the articulated geometry above the base maximize daylight penetration, and create a more intimate, villa-like quality on the upper floors, with generous terraces and dramatic views of the surrounding neighborhood. The tapered shape also reduces shading, as required by building regulations, on the surrounding district and the market hall.

Archi-Tectonics was founded by Dutch architect Winka Dubbeldam in 1994 with offices in New York City, the Netherlands and China. She and Justin Korhammer, Partner since 2016, collaborate with a diverse team of designers, engineers, consultants and contractors on multiple scale projects, spanning from city plannings and buildings to interiors and design objects. Their award-winning work is widely known and recognised for its use of hybrid sustainable materials and smart building systems as well as its elegance and innovative structures.