In the Hertog Jan project, the structure of a former barn of the seventeenth century has found a new scope as cultural bridge between the country and the fine dining. The architecture of Dries Bonamie has been entrusted with the delicate task of honoring the agricultural identity of the building, part of the Hof De Pleyne complex, recently turned into a protected national monument.

The addition of a simple contemporary volume blends harmoniously with the rural landscape, supporting the encounter between gastronomy and local resources, quality and sustainability, global modernity and local tradition. The interior design by AnotherOffice, calibrates the geometries and the volumes to add a metaphysical touch to the rooms. The solidity of the materials chosen for the decoration (natural stone, painted brick, burnished wood, steel) reinforces the project vocation of support for the original building.

In the bathrooms, the formal elegance and the eternity of the CEA custom made taps in stainless steel, contributes at creating an ethereal atmosphere, where time seems to stop. The tailored CEA spouts are held by a monumental, monolithic wash-basin in travertine, becoming jewels of design mounted in stone. A smooth flow of water springs from the CEA creations in stainless steel, attenuating the strength of the supporting material. An infrared sensor drowned in stone guides the water resource while preserving it, in respect of the principles of sustainability and energy saving.

Project card:
Architects: Dries Bonamie + AnotherOffice
Location: Zedelgem, Belgio
Collection CEA: custom made
Foto: Cafeine and Kristof Vrancken