To date there are many pavilions that have already applied these keywords also to the air conditioning system, choosing Climaveneta’s sustainable solutions to get perfect comfort. The following pavilions will, without a doubt, install Climaveneta units: Angola, Austria, Azerbaijan, UAE, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland, and the United States of America as well as Intesa San Paolo and common areas “La Piastra” and “Area Ovest” for a total of more than 40 units installed at the Expo. Also Aquae, the pavilion dedicated to Expo Venice, the simultaneous event that will take place in Venice, will be air conditioned by Climaveneta.

Roof Top, AHU, air and water condensed chillers, terminal units, water loop systems: each pavilion has a different architectural design with consequently varying system requirements. Climaveneta, thanks to its innovative and customised solutions and its wide range of products and services, is able to answer these different comfort needs in the most efficient and sustainable way. “The Universal Exposition always represents a showcase for all the participating countries” says Mauro Montello, Sales and Marketing director at Climaveneta, who continues: “Providing our units to prestigious buildings in such an important and international event is a source of great satisfaction, and even more so to do it in Milan, where we are already strongly present with so many prestigious projects”.

Many professionals will visit the Expo 2015 to find out how countries around the world will interpret the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and to discover a new sustainable Milan, with thanks also going to many recent Climaveneta projects achieved in the city.