©Stéphane Chalmeau
©Stéphane Chalmeau

At Queniquen, a village of salt workers of 750 inhabitants on the edge of the Salt Marshes, there existed a shed, an old sheepfold, one of the last witnesses of the double activity of the farmers. The operation, consisting of the rehabilitation of a farmhouse, was motivated by the desire to preserve the volume in the history and fabric of the village. This first operation of 4 intermediate housing and a shared space, Etoile Noire, was delivered in 2012.

The project was transformed into an eco-district by the delivery in 2016 of a 2nd project of 4 dwellings, including 2 social housing units, Satellite, and the development of 2 plots for free ownership. Additional programs have been added to shared housing, shared garden, playground, kitchen garden, collective compost, to accommodate the collective dimension of living together.
The volumes slope the slope of the hillside of Guérande in an open landscape. The limits on the site are created by retaining walls that take the slope of the hillside, valleys and planted masses. Fruit trees and meadow meadows have been thought by the landscaper.
The black cladding of the buildings belongs to the architectural vocabulary of the salorges; these salt granaries which dot the territory of the Guérande. The openings were treated in the layout of the facade. In 2014 and 2015, the Etoile Noire building received the Prize of the First Work of CAUE 44 and the Lauriers of the Wood Construction.
In 2017, the Satellite building received the 1st Regional Prize for Wood Construction in Pays-de-Loire in the category Collective / Grouped Housing.

Architect: Angélique Chedemois architectures
Client: SCI Rigouic
Program: 8-unit eco-district BEPOS + 1 shared room + 1 shared kitchen garde
Area: 662 m² SHAB
Team: Campo Landscape architect, Airéo BET Thermique, DCI BET Structure bois/ Ingéligno