Vista dall’esterno, due portefinestre a battente di ESSENZA con vetri tripli nella versione standard con serigrafia nera.

Its appearance at this important event will be Essenza's “debut engagement” on the international markets. Its aim is to implement a distribution and growth strategy abroad, by maintaining a dialogue with an audience of leading specialists consisting of architects, designers and builders. The company, which has revolutionized the doors and windows sector with its globally-unique production in terms of technology and aesthetics, will be on show at the event with its hinged solution, winner of the Compasso D'Oro ADI 2014.

Essenza manufactures windows, French windows and fixed-angle solutions with a technologically-advanced system enabling it to offer the total-glass concept, thanks to its fully-concealed profile, capable of creating the maximum window surface. Customised production, with unique technology and aesthetics that finds its maximum expression in prestigious residential projects and contracts, signed by internationally-renowned architects and designers, who view our company as a reliable partner, capable of meeting their every need in terms of performance and appearance.

Particolare di una finestra a battente di ESSENZA con anta a ribalta.
Detail of a window casement of ESSENCE with folding door.

Essenza, with its total-glass hinged section, surpasses the very concept of window, marking a new boundary between the old and the new, both in design and architecture: it not only serves its true purpose as a window, but is also a design item with unique aesthetic characteristics. Its singular feature lies in its hinged sections, where the totally-concealed profile enhances the function of the glass which becomes the undisputed protagonist, the fundamental element, the very heart of the product. The aluminium profile lined with transparency, enables both external and internal surfaces to be in perfect continuity, without interruption, providing absolute, visual and tactile transparency and forms with a pure, minimal design. The hinged window is a true architectural-design project that has now entered into the historic collection of the ADI Compasso D'Oro Award, managed by the Fondazione ADI: a national treasure consisting of nearly 300 projects, defined in 2004 by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage as being of “exceptional artistic and historical interest”.