Rooftop Swimming Pool W Hotel, Amsterdam
Rooftop Swimming Pool W Hotel, Amsterdam

The innovative swimming pool designs by B+K Architecture offer you a change to keep your cool, even while working. At top locations like Amsterdam and Ibiza, you can have your business meeting and close the deal with a cocktail in the water or a world class dinner next do it. Looking for the next place to work and relax into the big blue? We have listed our top 3 below.
Blending seamlessly into the landscape, the designs by B+K Architecture tend to look more like architectural water features than anything else. Wether they are located on the already water crazed isle of Ibiza, or right in the middle of the city, these pools will make you want to dive right in.
Rooftp Swimming Pool W Amsterdam
A sparkling blue hidden jewel that mixes fresh panoramic views with a top notch bar experience. Installed on the rooftop of the W Amsterdam, this 22 m long strip provides you with an excellent view of the city. Not only while you're floating in the water but also when you're sitting next to it, enjoying your cocktail. Watch the Greek god Atlas carry the weight of the world as you enjoy the historic facades of the old Amsterdam postal office and Royal Places across the street. The design of the swimming pool area all about human interaction - its shape makes it easy for guests to engage in conversation. And if you prefer to keep your feet dry, you can sit at the bar and still chat with people in the water. Another advantage of having a friend on dry land: the place offers endless instagram opportunities.
Swimming Pool Sir Joan Hotel Ibiza
At first glance, the odd shaped swimming pool of the Sir Joan looks like the right place to laydown your towel and bask in the warm Ibiza sun, with the only thing on your to-do list being an occasional dip in the pool. But beware; this swimming pool is a bit like Cinderella. At night, she changes into a lively restaurant, and suddenly her odd shapes make sense. Here it becomes clear that B+K Architecture have years of experience when it comes to restaurant and bar design. In the past decades they have learned to shape spaces into places that follow people's natural behaviour dining tables and the cabanas transform naturally into private dining rooms while the restaurant Izakaya appears under the sun - the Ibiza twin of the successful 'feel at home' Japanese restaurant formula from Amsterdam, also designed by B+K Architecture. As such, the big blue offers not only a touch of atmospheric azure after sunset, but a congenial spatial restaurant experience under the moon as well.

Swimming Pool W Ibiza
Pools are lively places, and being in the water can feel almost liberating. It's safe to say that most people spend more time chatting in a pool than swimming, and also tend to walk more around it as a way of seeing and being seen. In a viable attempt to accommodate all this pool life in the best way possible, the huge swimming pool at the W Ibiza - opening summer 2019 - is accessible from many directions. You can even enter it directly from the restaurant, to swim a few lapses after lunch. With benches  along the edge, and a catwalk that goes straight over it, the whole shape of the pool, called the 'wet deck' by W, creates 'loops of communication' that bring people together. In this way the swimming pool W Ibiza offers an experience that trascends pool life and focuses on everyday life instead.