The client's needs reflects their passions: nature and camping. They are looking for a flexible configuration to be able to occupy the space and have the most freedom of movement, especially for their children.
Like many of our generation, they are committed to a respectful and conscious upbringing for their children. The need to have a piece of the sky is something important for nature lovers, so we decide to act upon the courtyard to open it to the interior space.
The installed windows leave the space totally open and help the communication between both environments.

In winter the zone that faces the street will be used, that being the one which is most exposed to the sunlight. This space is resolved through an elevated plywood platform for storage, and plywood mobile wall partitions. In summer the house is open to the green courtyard. The bathroom has its own exit to the courtyard where the bath can be used as an outdoor water space.
The plywood platform zone can be divided into two or three bedrooms. It can be configured also as a living room by folding the partition walls and having one large space. The space next to the courtyard is designed to be as open as possible to be used as a bedroom or a living room in a space in which to enjoy the outdoors, especially in summer.

Flexibility of space and the elements of which it is composed. The house is delivered fully equipped and furnished. A piece of furniture of elevated plywood functioning as a bed, and for storage. A longitudinal storage space runs along the wall to be much more than simple storage. It is also a place to work, a kitchen, a folded dining table, a bookcase and wardrobe. The bathroom will be a lamplight for the winter zone through the wooden lattice of crossed pine and translucent glass that not only lets the light go through, but also lets what happens inside be perceived.