Thanks to a skilful mechanical design and a careful choice of technologies and materials used to last in time and resist to various atmospheric agents, Lam32 was able to create special lighting devices, completely concealable and perfectly integrated with the external structure of the building, paying special attenction to the details of installation and maintenance in the course of time.

In order to answer different designing needs, Lam32 created a range of special devices based on a specific design: special-dimensioned T1 recessed luminaires were created to be perfectly inserted, to illuminate the perimetral frame of the top of the tower. Using special RGB ELEMENT 1, placed in the coating interspaces of the ventilated wall of the whole structure, Lam32 was able to generate a “luminous texture” that vertically ascends the building, thus creating very scenographical changes of light; in order to show the steel vertical pillars of the projecting bridge, Lam32 created special ROUND luminaires with ad hoc clamps, for a completely integrated installation.

Once again, Lam32 was able to create in a short time frame bespoke lighting devices that could meet the needs of the designer, combining them with the limited space of installation.