The french architecture office Atelier Ordinaire has completed another passive, prefabricated house in the Bourgogne in France. Made almost solely of wood, the distinct house features an open and warm interior and large windows allowing for a stunning connection to the green exterior surrounding the house. Furnished with solid wood furniture by Stattmann Neue Moebel, the warm and totally calm atmosphere is fuelled, reaching almost a symbioses of house, interior and the environment it is situated in. Atelier ordinaire’s prefabricated passive houses are made almost solely of wood, only the floor in the basement of the house in Beaune is concrete. A complex heating system is rendered unnecessary due to an excellent insulation and the precise positioning of the windows that have been calculated to ensure all rooms are solely warmed by the sun. In the winter months, the entire house is heated by a fireplace which is located in the living room, with the flue pipe giving off enough heat in the upper floor, so that no energy is wasted.

The use of a special colour for the external facade also ensures a good and enduring weather resistancy. Depending on the way light falls on the facade, the colour pigments shimmer grey or brown and match perfeclty with the colour of the bark of the surrounding pines. A sustainable and intelligent construction allows for fast assembly yet responds to the unique requirements of the owners. Distinct for the gabled roof houses by atelier ordinaire are also the built in furniture pieces, such as benches and the kitchen interior in wood. With German furniture brand Stattmann Neue Moebel atelier ordinaire shares a common philosophy, the belief in high-quality craftsmanship, reduced and sustainable design and the intelligent use of the material wood. For this reason, the house in Beaune was furnished with a range of Stattmann Neue Moebel furniture, showcasing the shared philosophy.