Peverelli is a historic company that has demonstrated respect for nature and the environment ever since it first went into business back in 1890. The founders’ experience has been refined by research and technological experimentation, leading to highly successful landscaping projects that have helped improve the urban landscape, contributing new ideas to the concept of integration of man and the environment. One of the most recent projects the company has worked on, contributing to its recent prestigious acknowledgement, is Bosco Verticale in Milan, an architectural project that relates to nature in an innovative way, building a new skyline for the city as it prepares to host Expo 2015.

The company has fine-tuned strategies for making Stefano Boeri’s architectural concept feasible and qualitatively aligning it with the project: from the drip irrigation system to the planting of shrubs, ground cover and trees grown in air-pots, keeping parasites under control using organic methods, with regular maintenance by tree-climbing experts. All these elements help create an unexpected biodiversity in which greenery, light and air are combined with ever-changing effects, underlining the natural rhythms of the alternation of the seasons, but raised above street level in a big city. A focus on the environment, farming, and life, the key themes of Expo 2015, offers further terrain for development and great visibility for the innovative and technological abilities of a company that has been planting trees, shrubs and lawns with irrigation systems on the Expo site for more than two years and is busy working on a number of projects linked with the Expo system.