Italian Pavilion, aerial view © Nemesi&Partners

Progress Profiles created some of the finishes for the Italian Pavilion, our country’s headquarters at Expo 2015 and a showcase of Italian excellence for the world. Profiles made by Progress Profiles of Asolo help make the most of the space designed by Nemesi Studio, serving design to make sure that surfaces and materials are integrated in the best possible way in both aesthetic and practical terms. The Italian Pavilion represents the successful outcome of a project which was highly challenging in terms of the complexity of the design, the technological innovations involved and the choice of materials.


Of the many solutions offered by Progress Profiles, a company which has become a landmark in technical and decorative finishing profiles, the designers of the Italian Pavilion chose elegant steel and brass profiles with a satin finish. The Projolly Square line was used in the cladding and the Proterminal and Procover series in the floor. Vertical and horizontal surfaces were connected with Proround, a hygienic union with a glossy or satin finish on the interior offering both aesthetic value and practicality, permitting easy cleaning. The substrates were made with Prodeso, a waterproofing and desolidarising membrane made of low density polyethylene with circular cavities covered on both sides by non-woven heat-sealed polypropylene fabric to ensure adhesion to the substrate and anchorage to the floor.

projolly square_acc satinato

Above this substrate, to ensure correct, accurate laying of tiles, the revolutionary Proleveling System guarantees perfect flatness thanks to levellers and special tie rods for a perfect floor without any uneven spots or accumulation of adhesive. Progress Profiles products and solutions are also used elsewhere in the world’s fair, in the Japanese Pavilion, and may be found in a number of internationally prominent architectural projects because they stand for quality, design and cutting-edge technology.