The new building of the Oberndorf Town Hall is conceived as the ‘New Centre’ of the municipality to be a place of encounter equally for citizens, community representatives and employees. It is a modern and open citizen service centre, the spatial realisation of a transparent and citizen-friendly municipal administration based on a holistic architectural approach - encompassing urban development standards through to the interior design.
The three-storey building reacts sensitively to the homogeneous townscape. It responds to the urban planning alignment of its built environment and thus complements the township’s village structure. In doing so it specifically re-enacts the township’s typical features in its scaled dimensioning and the selected roof form, its clear and striking  geometry conjuring up a deliberate contrast to the free space.

The forecourt formed on the south side is designed as an encounter zone, meanwhile expressing with the recessed ground floor a clearly visible and weatherproof entrance situation. Access to the Town Hall is via the roofed-over main entrance area in the south. The passageway foyer provides a smooth transition to the green area at the rear and is also connected directly via a side entrance to the visitors’ car park.

Comprehending all floors, it acts as the communicative heart of the building, and, with its sequence of atrium and air spaces, provides for high-quality interior settings and diversified options of viewing into, out of and through the building. So it generates a positive and inviting atmosphere, but also makes for high-level transparency and uncomplicated orientation for all users.

Atrium, air spaces and traffic zones articulate each functional and administrative zone, effecting not only a clear and transparent spatial structure but also short access routes and optimal work processes. The central staircase guarantees not only a practical routing system but also generates an easily detectable escape route situation.

The multifunctional conference hall on the ground floor is clearly separated from the citizens service zone and can therefore be used independent of the rest of the building for conferences and external events. Its orientation on the Town Hall garden shields it from onlookers, its spacious terrace opens it up to the outside.

In terms of energy efficiency and sustainability, the town hall meets the highest standards. The energy demand is covered by groundwater heat pumps, photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, which are installed in the new BORG Oberndorf, which was built at the same time, and also supply the town hall in the sense of a smart city concept in the local heating network.