Beskidy Mountains Small and an unusual view of the Żar Mountain panorama - it is in this location that the house with an unusual shape ‘RE: BIAS HOUSE’, designed by Marcin Tomaszewski from REFORM Architekt studio, is being built. When the client is an artist, the architecture of the designed house cannot be ordinary. There were no accidental solutions in this project, and every detail has been worked out with attention to detail and with the thought of subcontractors who will implement the architect's plans at the construction stage.

The 300 m² house will be situated on a wedge-shaped plot of 2.500 m². The building is two-storey. The characteristic feature of the project is geometrically gabled roof. The building does not seem to be gable, but it all depends on which side we look at it from.
"The building is located in the upper part of the plot according to a slope of about 10 m. Interestingly, both in the driveway and at the very top of the plot it is flat, so the residents will not have any communication problems’" explains architect Marcin Tomaszewski. It was the slanted shape of the plot that forced the appearance of the whole body, which was carefully integrated into the area without disturbing the general landscape. All window panes were designed at an incline - this provides a view of the mountains, giving the residents a sense of privacy and full freedom.

The idea for the body of the house was also created by the paragliders, who in the nearby area make jumps from a slope with a suitable slope. The colours of the paragliders' wings, usually monotonous, became the motivation to create a uniform colour of the house. The ingenious view of the mountains and the fact that the investor is an artist, have made a coherent whole and made the body of the house look like a sculpture and a peculiar work of art. The simulation of energy performance shows that the building is not threatened by heat loss. "The materials used include insulated foundation slab and high quality triple-glazed windows, while the insulation made in wool is to complete the whole of the appropriate building insulation",explains the architect.
The wooden roof will be decorated with a grey membrane, which will also be used on the facade in order to maintain the same colour scheme and uniform material. On the outside, the main material is façade glass. Despite the large glazing, the architect has chosen the best anti-burglary parameters to ensure the safety of the householders. Apart from the body, the architect also designed the driveway, which will be lined with concrete slabs.
The project was guided by the idea of choosing only proven and traditional materials. Not only because of the durability and quality guarantee, but also with the subcontractors in mind, so that the construction process is feasible for them and does not generate unnecessary difficulties. The expected date of realization of ‘RE: BIAS HOUSE’ is April 2021.