Luzhniki Temporary Pool

This intervention is part of a group of leisure structures and public areas set along the Moskva river banks and in the neighboring parks.

The complex is composed by a sport swimming pool, a leisure pool and by a group of buildings, among which there are a restaurant, a gym, changing rooms and a bar. There will also be a 3 floors building, which includes a relax area, a bar, and a solarium on the terrace, from which the visitors can enjoy a privileged view on the river.

The main feature on these structures is being temporary: they are built while the main existing swimming complex is being reconstructed. For these reasons the used materials are steel and wood, suitable for constructions placed above the ground level and easily removable.

The buildings were arranged in order  to preserve the existing trees and the natural landscape, and to keep the views on the surroundings. The use of wood for façades cladding, both as panels or slats, and the reduced height of the constructions allow to integrate the buildings harmoniously within the area.

From a structural point of view, layered wood was used for the VIP pavilion and the ticket office, steel for the restaurant and prefabricated metal structures for the other buildings. All constructions are set on a metal substructure above ground placed on poles. This choice of raising the buildings from ground level allows to preserve them from snow and ice during the winter when the complex is not used.

From an architectural point of view, the buildings are designed as simple and regular volumes, with a limited height, covered by wooden cladding of different types, and connected between them by paths of WPC decking.

Il filo conduttore ed elemento unificante si ravvisa  nella volontà di creare uno stretto rapporto tra il costruito e l'ambiente naturale ricercando una omogeneità negli elementi da utilizzare. Ampia parte del terreno sarà riservata ad attività ricreative tra il verde che, assieme agli spazi pavimentati intorno alle piscine costituiscono le zone attrezzate per il divertimento e il relax.

The common feature of the design is setting a close relation between the built and the natural environment, by using homogeneous elements and materials. The paved paths around the swimming pools and the wide green surfaces among the vegetation will be used for leisure activities and as relax areas.

The lighting design of the outdoor parts has a key role in the project. The collaboration with the Italian company Martini allowed to use peculiar light effects, able to emphasize not only the new buildings but also the neighboring environment.

Scheda progetto


Archest team: Studio Archest (Lucio Asquini, Annamaria Coccolo - coordinamento generale; Daniele Bazzaro - Project Architect; team: Tommaso Iaiza, Eleonora Orsetti, Samuel Pradissitto); Studio Archest - Russia Branch (Anton Baev, Anna Volodina - Site Architects)