The Foodies’ challenge born from an idea of Nicola Sardano from Expo Sinergy, this consist in a match among teams, composed by a chef and a designer that interact to create unpredictable food concepts that the international public will be able to watch trough the website, available from the 1st of May 2015, from which it will be possible to vote the favourite project, until the next 31st of October.
The #4italy dish, by the chef Natale Giunta from Palermo is thought with the architectural firm luoghiCOMUNI, composed by tree under 35 from Rome, already asserted in the Italian modern design panorama, racing for the ‘main dishes’ category at the Foodies’Challenge 2015. It is a delicious bed of carnaroli rice with sea urchins from Palermo, pork cheek and saffron. A exquisite trip in three stages - Palermo, Rome, Milan – between historical and architectural beauty and a mix of flavours, perfumes and colours of the Italian gastronomic tradition, boldly revised and with big impact.
The team Webreak directed by Gianni Aureli, realized the video #4italy presented some days ago at the “premi” première in Milan: it narrates the dish concept, conceived by the firm luoghiCOMUNI, “that unify the beauty of life and the thin architectural lines”, taking the spectator to the places of mind “where the land meets the art, where the passion for tasty things is faith, innovation, love, creativity”. From the fish market colours of Palermo to the “colour” of the Campo de’ Fiori market in Rome, from the Sicily chief town’s cathedral to the historical monuments of the capital, up to the Milan’s cathedral and the chaotic streets around. A path between beauty and taste, between design and good food, where each element become source of inspiration and culminate in a graceful table, that has as special guest Lorella Cuccarini, and incarnates the whole Italian refinement. It is exactly at the table that you can rediscover the journey’s elements, in a dish that sublimate the pleasure of getting lost among the flavours envied all over the world.


The project is realized with the contribution of Casamania, Doimocucine, Glamora, Nero Sicilia, Eclisse, Macrolux, Rubelli, Hangsrohe, Villeroy & Boch, Broggi, Salvatori, Micro.

Naturally #4italy, prepared with products of Libera Terra, association that recover mafia seized terrains, worthy enters in the chef Natale Giunta’s menu, available in his restaurant in Castello a mare in Palermo and in all the private events signed by the rising chef. Part of the related income will be devolved to the association Addio Pizzo, active movement involved in the fight against the racket and extortion (the so called “pizzo”), chosen by Giunta for the charity venture connected to the contest.

For luoghiCOMUNI:

The project crosswise represents the whole Italy, and allows to expand the breath over the Expo because, Milan is the appointed venue to host this big international event, but it is the whole Italy that is called upon to introduce itself to the world and be hospitable with the visitor that will take the chance to be in our Country for visiting other places of culture, art and tradition. From this point of view the Italian food & wine art has significant common points with the architecture and the other arts: both have experienced different influences over the centuries, and every region, every city, every territory has been able to develop local excellences made by the skilled hands of the man – engraving the stone or the ground - but, despite the specificity of each place, what brings the individual experiences together and makes Italy a Country, is the quality of the result, the sacrifice it takes to get it and the love with which people sacrifice themselves – and keep doing that- in the preservation of Italian excellences.

luoghiCOMUNI is a reality born in Rome by the young under 35 professionals: Enrico M. Turella, Massimiliano Nico e Chiara Celidoni. luoghiCOMUNI activities range over design, interior design, new realizations, restoration of existing artefact, events organisation, with particular passion for the design of spaces dedicated to the hospitality with a unique attention at materials and innovative technologies, at the sustainability and business case and at the communication manner.