ZED Lab Hostel

The Boys Hostel Building by ZED Lab is a meticulously designed, well engineered residential complex that accommodates residential units for 360 students with inclusive recreational courts and mess facilities. The dorms are spacious and are different from conventional style dorms, providing an enhanced user experience and more expansive view of the outdoors to the students. The residential complex obtains its character from the basic building block- the brick.

The brick envelope of the building harnesses the disruptive software technology such as Ecoteck, Grasshopper, Ladybird and Rhino to create a sustainable design narrative. Use of the software technology is pertinent to design the brick jali that circumscribes the building which then provides thermal insulation and ingress of diffused natural light. The jali profile and composition are essential factors that reduce the heat and energy of direct radiations by 70%.
It is a reinterpretation by ZED Lab of Indian architecture with ideas relevant to the present times and techniques.

The design of the hostel block creates a sense of community and reflects the contemporary nature of the university thus providing comfortable habitable spaces.