After two years of competition, the Italian company was awarded a contract worth 100 million dollars to build the dividing walls for the structure.

The Italian company Estel, producer of furnishing solutions, accessories and fittings for the home and office, has been selected by Apple for an order worth 100 million dollars to provide anti-seismic walls and accessories to be installed at the brand new Campus 2 in Cupertino, California. The new Apple Campus 2, destined to become the new home of the American company, will be a kind of “spaceship”: it will be shaped like a large ring with a circumference of one and a half kilometres. It will presumably be ready by the end of 2016, when the construction work currently underway reaches completion. Apple has invested mind-boggling sums for its new “home”: five billion dollars for the entire project, of which more than 161 million will be used for the construction of an auditorium measuring 11,000 square metres and 74 million for a futuristic fitness centre covering 9,300 square metres available to the 13,000 employees that the technological giant is going to hire.

Il nuovissimo Campus 2 di Apple a Cupertino, California
The new Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, California

Estel, the company based in Vicenza with 350 employees and a turnover of around 60 million, was awarded the contract after two years of competition, by beating off international rival companies and emerging the winner from the “final match” against the last competitor of American origin. Work on building the earthquake-resistant walls will start in the summer of 2016, with completion a few months later. The next stage will be the installation of the glass elements intended to divide up the enormous spaces inside the structure, covering a total of 280,000 square metres. The Vicenza-based company will take care of all the manufacturing and delivery side, while the actual installation work will be performed by local operators.