They are mostly very small businesses with turnovers of less than a million euros (60.5%) and which have up to 9 employees (56.5%), but thanks to them, the industrial production of Italian SMEs will undergo an irreversible revolution. These are the companies in the world of 3D printing, which, according to the Osservatorio 3DPrint Hub, see this technology as a solution that will have wide-ranging uses and distribution at an industry level (according to 96.2%) and will bring about permanent changes in production procedures, by integrating them into current processes. This Osservatorio was created by Senaf, with a view to 3DPrint Hub, the event that will take place from 5 to 7 March 2015 in Fieramilanocity, bringing together 3D printing and the world of production.

And it is thanks to its versatility and ability to create customized products and prototypes quickly and inexpensively that 3D printing has enjoyed such rapid diffusion, with a growing market that seems unstoppable: according to about eight out of ten employees the market will continue to grow further. In such a positive climate companies cannot help but express their total satisfaction with their current corporate trends (97.7 percent): as regards sales in fact more than half of the companies declared an increase in 2013, compared to the previous three years, and nearly three out of ten stated that their turnover remained stable. It is a positive trend that is continuing in 2014, with a third of companies expecting to end the year with stable figures and more than six out of ten showing growth; only 7.1 percent expect a fall in turnover. Exports are an essential component for many companies in the sector (78.6%) although in varying degrees: for 19% of companies, exports raise less than 10% of turnover, and for another 19% this percentage fluctuates between 11% and 25%, while for 40.4% exports exceed 45% of turnover.


3DPrint Hub: Planning, Design and Manufacturing with 3D printing!

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