In the Tuscan landscape of Lamporecchio, at the convergence of two country roads, stands a house designed by Collettivo Ardea featuring Casalgrande Padana ceramics.
Careful observation of the home’s surroundings, study of the memory of the site and ideal interpretation of the client’s wishes have produced a project characterised by “handcrafted care”. The key to the project is the concept of domestic intimacy, succeeding in the intent of providing the necessary privacy for daily life. The villa is constructed around a courtyard which is open onto the countryside and contains a swimming pool.

The home’s three wings all have different purposes: the entrance wing contains the living area, while the two side wings contain the dining room and the bedrooms. Life revolves around the swimming pool, as rooms with big windows open onto the courtyard. Shelter from the sun and the elements is offered by big sliding sunbreaks screening the spaces inside. The intimate inner courtyard is connected with the garden outside via a deep loggia; the green areas are raised above the level of the sidewalk. The three volumes seem to be separated from one another thanks to a fourth volume, lower than the others, which figuratively separates them but also connects them via a covered walkway.

Use of ceramic

Ceramic gives the building’s severe volumes added charm. The flooring continues without interruption between indoor and outdoor spaces, changing only in its surface texture: the homogeneity of surface coverings is an important feature of the project, placing the accent on the swimming pool, the courtyard and the home itself, with spaces that penetrate one another to create a single scene.
The anthracite-coloured flooring features 60x60 slabs from Casalgrande Padana’s Pietre Native line (Pietra Baugé collection). The area surrounding the infinity pool features a non-slip finish and a thickness of 20 mm, permitting dry floating laying, ideal for correctly draining off rainwater.