The work on refurbishment of the new offices of the District Attorney in Via Solera in Monza will soon be completed. The aim of the project, managed by Bruno Giordano Lattuada, architect and designer, is to bring together the various District Attorney’s offices in Monza under the same roof next to the Courthouse. To do this, the city council decided to renovate the complex of old buildings of the former “Opera Pia Bellani”, a stone’s throw from Monza Cathedral and from the so-called Arengario Building. In view of the nature of the project, it was essential to ensure a suitable level of prestige for the new building, alongside a high level of comfort thanks to the use of materials featuring excellent functional and aesthetic characteristics.

The design team therefore made a careful and well thought out selection of the best materials and products to be indicated in the specifi cations. As far as concerns the windows for building the new loft storey, the choice fell on a model for roofs by the firm Roto Frank: the electrically operated version of the RotoTronic WDT R68A H WD CU conventional tilting window, with preinstalled insulation as a standard, made of natural wood with copper outside fi nishings. This model features double glazing with heat and soundproofi ng safety glass. The window reaches an insulation level equal to Uw 1,2 W/m²K.

In order to improve comfort inside the building and lower wasting of energy, the model that was chosen, Roto blueLine plus 8A, has a pre-installed built-in WD liner and double safety glazing which is heatproof and soundproof and self-cleaning. It is resistant to hail and has a solar factor g of 48% and a soundproofi ng level of Rwp 39 dB.