The condition of the P2 multi-storey car park at Düsseldorf International Airport was that of great wear and tear as well as obvious damage to the coating due to its exposure to continuous stresses caused by vehicle traffic. It was therefore necessary to repair the upper parking storey and the access ramps, for a total surface area of about 4500 m2.
The activity consisted first of all of removing the old coating, and then laying a preparatory layer. Then waterproofing of the details and of the surfaces to be used by vehicles was carried out using Triflex ProPark. Lastly, the road markings built into the system were painted.

Triflex ProPark is a waterproofing system, the whole surface of which is reinforced. It is designed for upper levels of car parks and roofs used as parking areas and exposed to the weather. The system, based on a rapidly reacting liquid PMMA resin ensures very highresistance to mechanical stresses and heavy vehicle traffic, protecting the building in a safe manner that is guaranteed in time.

Triflex ProPark is type-approved by the supervisory authority (abP – allgemeines bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis, general building inspection test certificate) for class OS10 and certified for class Cfl-s1 fire behaviour (DIN 13501-1). It can also be applied at low temperatures, starting from 0 °C, it is resistant to rain after about 30 minutes, it can be coated after about 45 minutes and is suitable for vehicle traffic again after 3 hours. The whole renovation work was carried out by the specialised firm KTK GmbH of Warstein, and was completed from start to finish in the record time of about two weeks.